(Junior) Product Marketing Manager (m/f)

Job description

Our marketing team owns an inbound demand team. Their main responsibility is the generation of content within our target audiences as well as influencing purchasing decisions of our prospects during the sales process. This could be through well researched information, sales collateral or leadership content. As part of the marketing team, you’ll be working very closely with the product team as well as our content creators, sales team and customer success teams.


As the Product Marketing Manager, you are the product messenger of the company.  The core of your role is to conduct extensive, diligent research and help defining the product positioning and messaging of our mobile app products - to prospects, customers and internal teams. 


The tasks include:

  • You sit with the product team to learn about the feature roadmap, respective use cases and the benefits for our target audience.

  • You conduct very detailed, in-depth competitor research to learn about alternative product offerings, feature sets, positioning and pricing. Based on these insights, you identify gaps and weak points in their offering, positioning and messaging.

  • You frequently conduct research about our prospects and customers to learn about their needs, concerns, use cases, and considerations.

  • Based on your research findings, you create overviews and training materials for marketing,  sales and customer success teams to ensure our positioning and messaging take a homerun.

  • In addition, you co-create and help updating all product messaging, from our website copy, to sales collateral, from comparison sheets to our use case stories. In doing so, you work closely with campaign managers to ensure consistent and effective messaging in all our marketing campaigns and messaging.


  • First and foremost, you are driven by a natural curiosity. You enjoy to conduct research, ask, and gather data to find answers to crucial questions. You are a researcher at heart. Be it with a background of an actual junior scientist, a journalist or an investigator. Asking good questions and finding non-obvious answers is where you live. You want to know things from the inside out.

  • You enjoy putting things you have learned into structure. Just like solving a puzzle, you have natural tendency to arrange information into an order. So that you can make sense and so that outsiders get it.

  • You enjoy language and putting your findings into well formulated sentences and clear and concise messages. You enjoy writing and pay attention to how you word your findings.

  • Informing others about your findings and answering questions is something you enjoy.

  • You enjoy building relationships and conducting interviews with people from a diversity of roles, countries and in different languages.

  • You are proactive. Once our goals are established and the direction is set, you run with it and reach out to people to arrange meetings, interviews and other data gathering activities.

  • A product marketing background is NOT required for this role. However, the above mentioned attributes are essential to thrive in this role.

We are looking forward to receiving your application either in German or English.