Head of Engineering

Job description

Staffbase is an enterprise SaaS platform that helps HR and Communication leaders to transform their organizations into places where people feel connected and proud to come to work. Staffbase is the first employee experience platform to let employers and employees connect authentically, right through their mobile phone.


Headquartered in Chemnitz, Germany, Staffbase is a global company with  offices in Dresden, Cologne, Amsterdam, New York - and now also London! Our international team of more than 130 happy employees from 16 nationalities serve a rapidly expanding portfolio of customers who want to revolutionize  the employee experience. Founded 4 years ago, we have strong-growing revenue, and our customers love us.

As Head of Engineering your main mission is to get our product out of the door as effectively and efficiently as possible.

You will have to juggle what it means to be at Staffbase, in Chemnitz, Saxony, where some of our values are rooted in, as well as to be at Staffbase, an international and competitive start-up which battles competition in the whole world, including the Silicon Valley.

Your tasks include:

  • You care for growing our development teams in terms of headcount. Being the first face that applicants see of the Product Organization at Staffbase, you will spend a lot of time in recruiting the best talent there is. Fortunately, both the teams and our recruiters will help you with that.

  • In order to support recruiting you will also care about our employer branding as a technology company as well as both visiting and organizing meetups and growing networks in our regions.

  • Next to that, you will be concerned with developing, forging, retaining and inspiring the awesome people we already have.

  • You provide technical and non-technical guidance to the team.

  • You will work closely with the Scrum Masters to identify personal development paths and enable different careers.

  • You facilitate continuous learning and improvement for the team and its members.

  • This part of your work will also involve shaping up our culture as a team as well as organising the very important team events outside of the everyday work environments.

  • In terms of efficiency you will also have a close look on our development process as a whole and seek to improve it continuously together with our Agile Coach. Working with the Scrum teams, you remove bottlenecks and obstacles and enable a fast-paced, modern process based upon an Agile and DevOps mindset along with key principles of Continuous Integration and Delivery while always improving upon quality as well.

  • You will enable the teams to communicate and take technological decisions efficiently with a focus on delivering value to our customers early while not compromising the sustainability and health of our codebase.

  • Within our Scrum teams, we have a group of equals working together to build an awesome product. You help them concentrate on building exactly that. Therefore, you serve as a management layer that facilitates decision-making and the orchestration around several topics. 
  • You will provide the team with everything they need as you are a Servant Leader for them.
  • Inside our company you are an advocate for engineering.
  • You would directly report to the CTO who would be responsible for onboarding and enabling you with your new role at Staffbase.


  • You are a great communicator and like working with people. You care about people and their experience and you are passionate about your job.

  • You have a readily-available management tool set. Ideally, you work on improving that continuously as well.

  • You are a pragmatic, flexible and agile as well as servant leader.

  • You care about culture in a development team and can inspire a team.

  • You are fluent in English.

  • You are very familiar with agile methodologies, especially Scrum and XP. While we don’t require any fancy certifications, we want you to have a good understanding of these matters and you should be ready to teach best practices.

  • You have a history in and an understanding of software development and best practices around it. Using this experience you know what it takes to build quality software in today’s world.

  • For that, a past as a software developer and a technical background is very helpful. It will help you to understand issues in our process as well as technology.

  • Ideally, you have experience in managing people or recruiting in the software industry as well.

  • You are a great project manager and able to work in a very structured manner, even tackling multiple topics at a time.

  • Also, you can enable people to improve in fields like project and self management.

  • You are interested in the fast-paced world of software development and look up to the Silicon Valley startup world.

  • You like going to meetups and connecting to people in order to build a network within the industry. Ideally, you already bring that network to the table.